Finding The Best Insurance Quotes For Drivers With Bad Credit

If you don’t have a perfect credit score, finding affordable car insurance can be a challenging job. Many of the cheapest insurance providers simply refuse to offer policies to those who have a poor credit history. However, it is still possible to find cheap cover with a bit of effort.


Perhaps one of the best resources for finding the cheap insurance quotes for drivers with bad credit is comparison websites. On such websites, all you need to do is enter a few details about yourself and your car to compare the price of hundreds of different insurance policies from dozens of different providers. These websites can save you a lot of time when you think about how long it would take to call up each provider separately and constantly have to relay your details.

Friends, family and work colleagues can also be a great place to start when it comes to finding cheap car cover. If you ask friends who also have poor credit scores where they purchase their insurance, you might get to find out about some small independent providers who don’t have an online presence. The reality is that in order to get the best deals, you sometimes have to contact small, local, independent providers, especially if you are a driver with convictions. Such providers may require you to attend a face to face meeting, so they can find out more about your ability to pay for a policy than what can be gleamed from your credit report.

The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to saving money on car insurance is that you typically need to change providers every 12 months in order to get the best deals. Unfortunately, customer loyalty is no longer rewarded in the insurance world, so you need to be prepared to shop around.