Rotate your Tires

Tires play a very important role in every automobile but, unfortunately, many motorists do not provide appropriate tire-care. Neglecting to take care of tires is counterproductive in many ways. For starters, tires that are not in the best condition increase the risk of accidents. In addition, such tires increase the cost of running your car and in most cases you might have to replace your tires prematurely. Replacing your full set of tires is expensive and you can avoid (or delay) this expense by regularly rotating your tires.

Tire rotation is the act of moving your car’s front tires to the back and vice versa. Rotation becomes necessary because the tires at the front wear out differently from those at the back. There are many reasons for this.

If yours is a front-wheel drive car, for example, the tires on the front are more burdened than those at the back and they’ll therefore wear out more quickly. Similarly, some of the tires will wear out more quickly if you are used to driving and turning in the same direction all the time. To makes sure that you are not overburdening some of the tires, it therefore becomes necessary to regularly swap the tires (including the spare one). The simple act of rotating tires has many benefits and their are many body shops that can do this for you.

Tires that wear out unevenly will usually need to b replaced long before their due time at a great expense. Rotating your tires means that all of them wear out evenly thereby extending the life of the entire set. Experts recommend that you rotate tires after every 7,500 miles and they estimate that this act could increase the life of your tires by as much as 20%.

The condition of your tires plays a great role in determining the amount of gas that the car consumes. Worn out or unevenly worn tires makes driving not only more laborious but also increases road friction. The result is that the car’s engine fails to run as smoothly as it should and you end up using more gas than you should.

The performance of your automobile is greatly compromised when your tires wear out unevenly. The car is not only unstable but is usually less comfortable. In addition to inhibiting the ability of the car to perform as well as it should, such tires also substantially increase the risk of accidents. Moreover, unevenly worn tires are likely to lead to other mechanical problems such as vehicle misalignment and you’ll need to fix these at a great expense.

Automobile tire rotation costs very little yet it comes with so many benefits. By scheduling regular tire rotation with your mechanic, you’ll spend very little compared to what you’ll inevitably have to spend having the tires replaced or carrying out costly repairs. At the end of the day, tire rotation saves you money and reduces the risk of road accidents.