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Flood Damaged Cars: To Fix or Send to Auto Salvage

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of owning a flood damaged vehicle hard choices have to be made as the choices are few. You can either sell it to a Junk Cars for Cash company or try to repair it.  Here is a guide on what to do with your flood damaged vehicle.

How Much is Your Car Worth?

When it comes to value this does not mean its personal value to you. It could be your 1st car, a gift from dad for graduation regardless, all those things will not matter. People or companies like Junk Cars for Cash in Minneapolis look to the current market value of your car and not how much it is worth to you, should you decide to sell it.

Kinds of Flood Damage

When it comes to flood damage, there are two  high-level categories involved and these are freshwater or saltwater damage. Between the two, you may have better luck with freshwater damage than salt-water flooded vehicles. This is because apart from the damage the water caused, the additional salt damage can have disastrous consequences. Salt is one of the most corrosive minerals found in nature and is usually deadly in mechanical and electronic components.

Mechanical Versus Cosmetic Damage

Most of the time you of course will have to deal with both. However, one is easier to patch up than the other. For cosmetic damage we are talking about the car’s interiors such as wood, leather, suede, carpets and plastic. The common denominator, all of these do not react too well when exposed to too much water. Sure, you can try some leather conditioning and maybe some good wood polish to bring back the shine but the fishy smell is going to stay there for a very long time, even after cleaning out the car air conditioner ducts.

If for some reason you flood the car while the engine is running, the damage is will be much worse and the repair bill, quite expensive.  When the cylinders fill with water and the pistons come up, there is nowhere else the water can go resulting to bent piston rods and an engine blow out.

Sad to say, there really is nothing else to do when it comes to flooded cars. Sure you can try to repair it but it will not be the same car ever again.  Best to cut your losses and talk to an auto salvage minneapolis dealer today to trade it for some cash.