According to a recent survey, there has been a considerable rise in the number of vehicles in America. So it is obvious that there is rising demand for the auto repairing shops in the country’s economy. Again, a rising number in the auto repairing shops are having requirements for certified auto technicians. It is said that an average citizen of America spends around three to four hundred dollars per year for their car’s smooth running condition. The costs may be different on the basis of place, but the services are more or less the same. Here is a list of jobs that a certified auto repair technician undertakes.

Job of brake works

Brakes are supposed to wear out after a period of prolonged and intense usage. The moment they start to make weird noises like squeaking or squealing or screeching, it becomes evident that the set of brakes needs replacement. The auto repairmen do a good brake job ranging from rotors, calipers, brake pads and brake lines. These brake jobs are generally not complicated and mostly inexpensive.

Job of replacing of Oxygen Sensor

The modern cars are relied on advanced machines, both digital and manual. They comprise of intelligent computerized chips to keep the cars running smoothly. The device for monitoring the oxygen capacity of the car is a very sensitive and important piece of digital device in a car. Its work is to check the amount of oxygen unburnt in the car’s exhaust system. When the device stops working, an auto repairman generally checks the engine light.

                   Job of tire repair and replacement

The longevity of tires varies based on its rough usage on the basis of driving conditions. Driver, most of the time tends to replace the car tires instead of repairing them The replacement of a full set of tires is very expensive. So it is wise enough to go for the repairing of the tires instead of purchasing a new set on occurrence of any puncture or such other damage.